To pilot my endeavours to new horizons, I navigate along a solid scientific trajectory.

I am a Biochemist and innovator, driven by the passion for
understanding biological systems and translating science into solutions.

Christian C. Gruber, Innophore headquarter, 2021

Life itself depends on the interactions of biomolecules, which are three-dimensional, flexible objects.

My research focuses on understanding their behaviours. In my research group and in my company, we study the structural, functional, dynamic and thermodynamic properties of biological systems using computational methods such as structural bioinformatics, data mining and artificial intelligence. We employ various incarnations of our “Catalophore” approach, a method describing the multivariate, volumetric property-fields projected by biomolecules into their environment. These property fields are, by principle and design, independent of the underlying biomolecular structure, allowing analysis beyond sequence and structure. Combined with modern high-performance computing techniques, this enables a deeper understanding of biological processes and allows to boost drug and protein research applications for biotech, biomedicine and pharmaceutical industry.

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Isaac Newton

“What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.”



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