Max Planck

“An experiment is a question which science poses to Nature, and a measurement is the recording of Nature’s answer.”

I investigate structural, functional, dynamic, kinetic and thermodynamic physicochemical properties of biological systems using computational methods as structural bioinformatics, data mining and artificial intelligence. I am fascinated by the possibilities of high-performance computing, which enable a deep understanding of biological processes at an unprecedented speed employing various incarnations of our CatalophoreTM approach.

From a young age, my main interest was learning the principles of structural biology and chemistry and their relevance to life. Consequently, I investigated the structural effects of oxygen transport disorders of haemoglobin [1] in my high school graduation thesis. That kick-started of a fascination that has been growing with every single scientific project in my career.

Google Scholar: Christian C. Gruber
ORCID iD: 0000-0003-0214-449X
Web of Science ResearcherID: B-3818-2011 

Year of birth: 1981, Nationality: Austrian

Personal websites:LinkedIn and
Institutional websites: Innophore  and University of Graz


My research focuses on understanding
the dynamics of biomolecular systems.


[1] Gruber, C. Hemoglobin – Structure, Biological Function and Possible Disturbances of Oxygen Transport,
supervision by Mag. Elisabeth Klemm, BRG Petersgasse 1999


Current positions




University Assistant




Key Researcher – Structural Bioinformatics



CEO and Founder


Education and Fellowships



2009 –

Postdoc fellowship

SimTech Cluster of Excellence – Prof. Jürgen Pleiss

  1.5 years

   University of Stuttgart, Germany 


2006 –

PhD thesis

“Enzymatic Networks for the Deracemisation of Secondary Alcohols by Biocatalytic Stereoinversion”, Institute of Chemistry – Prof. Wolfgang Kroutil


2005 –

Master thesis

“Deracemisation of secondary alcohols by bio-stereoinversion”, Institute of Chemistry – Prof. Wolfgang Kroutil




International fellowship for outgoing young scientists, 12 months


Prizes and Awards


Republic of Austria, Austria

Nomination for the State Prize Innovation 2021

The State Prize for Innovation is the highest award of the Republic of Austria for an Austrian company and its employees who contribute significantly to the sustainable economic development of the country through their innovative solutions.



Boston Biotech-CEO conference, USA

Rising Star Award 2020

for up-and-coming industry leaders.



Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs, Austria

Digital Impulse Award (2nd)

The Digital Impuls Award honours top digital achievements. Because there is room for new things everywhere, as is currently being impressively demonstrated in the health sector.



Styrian Funding Agency (SFG), Austria

Employer of the Month – May




Weizmann Institute, Israel

Faculty of 1000 research prize

International Conference of Structural Genomics



Austrian Association of Molecular Life Sciences, Austria

Industrial research prize

ÖGMBT awards prizes to young researchers who have published outstanding scientific research papers in the field of life sciences and biotechnology. The Life Science Research Awards Austria are the most prestigious life science Award a young researcher working in Austria can win. The award winners and their research topics will be presented to the scientific community and the broad public.



CPhI, France

Global Pharma innovation award 

The CPhI Pharma Awards recognise the innovation and dedication of companies and individuals who are driving the pharmaceutical industry forward. The CPhI Pharma Awards celebrate the thinkers and creators driving the industry forward through their innovations, technologies and strategies.



Federal Ministry of Science and Research, Austria

Award of Excellence

The Award of Ecxellence is a state prize of the Republic of Austria, which is financed from student funding. It is awarded to the best dissertations in the country.


Albert Einstein

“The dog is very smart. He feels sorry for me because I receive so much mail; that’s why he tries to bite the mailman.”

The Austrian Alps are beautiful. Going hiking in the mountains with my dog Lumpi (the black one above), or just for a walk, revives my creativity after intense hours of work. It has sometimes made me solve problems I thought were unsolvable while I was in the office.